Judges Benefits
Excellent opportunity to network
Develop communication skills
Develop analytical and evaluation skills (Translates into leadership and management skill base)
Sharpen your investigative skills
Build self confidence
Share knowledge with today’s youth
Have fun while helping others

Judges are an integral part of a science fair.  As a judge you are part of the science fair infrastructure. Your time as a judge has impact that goes far beyond the day of judging, your time reaches out and influences students, schools, the community, businesses and science fairs.

Students Benefits
Learn more about science
Are presented with a challenge
Earn recognition and win acceptance
Gain pleasure from achievement
Build self esteem and self confidence
Meet members of the business community
Meet members of the scientific community

School Benefits
Science fairs create an event for schools to use to raise interest in education.  Schools also gain in having better students through their experience of science fair competition and interaction with the judges.

Community Benefits
The community gets the long-term benefits of the leadership development of our children who participate in science fairs.

Business Benefits
Science fairs are a medium that can be used to promote businesses through raising community awareness of the businesses that support science fairs.  Businesses also reap rewards from the communication and leadership skills that their volunteer judges gain through participating in the science fairs.

Science Fair Benefits
The Science Fair gains exposure to businesses and schools.  Science Fairs, a network of volunteer organizations, are sponsored by community and business donations.  Well run science fairs build fair credibility and solidarity of all of the fair supporters.

Using the Judging Form
As a judge the main tools that you will use are a pencil, a clipboard, and judging forms.  All tools are supplied on the judging day. To use the judging form effectively, follow the steps on the following pages. It is just that easy.

Are you interested in becoming a judge?  Please complete this form and our Fair Director will contact you.