Category Judging

Biology                                             Chemistry/Biochemistry                     Engineering
Mathematics                                   Social Science                                       Environmental Science
Medicine/Health Science              Physics

Each category will have a minimum of 3 judges per 10 projects.

Any adult with training in Science, Technology, Engineering or Mathematics with a minimum of a Bachelor's Degree or equivalent can volunteer to judge in Category Judging.

Judging Process

  • See Fair Schedule for proper arrival time.

  • Collect information packet at registration table upon arrival. You will be provided with a clipboard or padfolio, judging forms, fair schedule and a pencil.  Here is an example of a Judging Form .  Please attend the judging orientation presentation.

  • Immediately after the orientation you will review all student projects without the student(s) present.  Later, you will review the project with the student(s).

  • Circulate among projects in your assigned category and complete the evaluation form … one form per project. Engage all students if they’re in a team.

  • Initial the attendance card at each project after you have interviewed the student(s).  Turn in your evaluation forms to the judging table.  These forms will be mailed to the school and distributed to the students as feedback.

  • After completing interviews, the judging team caucuses to determine 1st, 2nd and 3rd place in each category.  Each category team has a pre-selected category captain.

  • Category captains will caucus in the afternoon to re-interview the top projects in each category to determine the Best of Fair winner.