Junior High Judging

Junior High projects will be evaluated in 4 categories:  Science, Technology, Engineering, Math.   All will use the same criteria:  Originality, Scientific Thought, Thoroughness, Presentation.

A team of judges will interview students to determine 1st, 2nd and 3rd place in each category. A medallion will be given to each winner at the award ceremony.

Additionally, 10% of the participants will be invited to submit their research to a national competition called THE BROADCOM MASTERS ( Math, Applied Science, Technology, Engineering Rising Stars).

Any adult with training in Science, Technology, Engineering or Mathematics can volunteer to judge in Junior High Judging.

Judging Philosophy

  • Evaluate.  Junior High Evaluation Form

  • Encourage the student to continue their interest/passion for science.

  • Mentor the student by reflecting your positive experiences in science.

  • Counsel the student with constructive thoughts on their research.

Judging Process

  • See Fair Schedule for proper arrival time.

  • Collect information packet at registration table upon arrival.  Attend the judging orientation presentation.

  • Circulate among projects in your assigned category and complete the evaluation form … one form per project. Engage all students if they’re in a team.

  • Initial the attendance card at each project after you have interviewed the student(s).

  • Return your evaluation sheets to the judging table.